Students & Internships

Students & Internships

Internship Spain



Do you want to get some experience abroad?, Do you love Spanish weather and culture?


Do you want to improve your spanish?


We recruits and selects international candidates for Internships in Spain! We are specialist in Tourism & Hospitality carees in the most reputable hotels company in Spain.

We also collaborate with Universities and educational programms to improve the knwoledge of the students though the experience abroad




Spain has an amazing background in Tourism and Hospitality industry.

With almost 8000 Km of coast, multicultural heritage, cosmopolitan cities, lovely landscapes and perfect weather during the whole year, Spain is leader in national and international tourism and one of the most requested countries by Erasmus to spend a year abroad.

We have opportunities in different areas like hotels (Reception, Food & Beverage, conference & events, amount others), travel agency and online travel.





The duration of the program start from 3 months, and it will depend on the Spanish city chosen.

We do thing easy!

- Contact us with your preferences and your CV.

- We will have an interview through Skype to deeply understand your needs and study your preferences.  Once we have met, we can valorate the best options for you. 

- After that, you should sign the agreement contract and and pay the deposit to start with the procedure. (Deposit is 150€ and it will be returned in case you are not accepted in the internship position)

- Once we find a internship for you, we will end with final payment.

- Accommodation: Some companies provide accommodation to their employees, if it is not provided by them, we will help you to find the perfect place to stay. 

We will help you with all paperwork needed! Visa, european certificate, NIE, accommodation letter, etc. 

You won't have to be worried about anything!

TOTAL price is 690€


We can also help you with other services as spanish language course (online or classroom), health insurance, etc. Don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

IMPORTANT: Some of the internship may get paid, but it will always depend on the position and the host company.





Please contact us for further information about the internship program.


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