We know that to change of country is not simply a move, is to submerge in a new way of life, in a destiny with different customs and administrative processes. All this creates insecurities from the beginning of the process, where do I start? Will I like the destination city? What do I need? Is it safe for me and my family? Will I be able to establish good relationships with my neighbours, colleagues, etc?

We want the expatriate to enjoy his stay in Spain from the beginning. We take care of EVERYTHING, from the orientation and resolution of doubts of the beginning, through the adaptation in the destination and its way back. We are your trustworthy ally.

Therefore, we offer a great variety of flexible and personalized services for each person.


Prior to the arrival


- Orientation program: Taking of first contact, advice, resolution of doubts, information of the destination, etc.

- Accommodation search: Study of the client needs, advice, temporary accommodation, information of the surroundings, etc.

- Schools search: Previous study on the schools in the area, registration information, etc.


During the stay


- Utilities: (budget orientation, water, electricity, telephone, internet)

- Administrative support: Bank account, transport, SIM card, insurances, etc.

- Language courses

- Job search advice

- Counselling services: Search for house staff, babysitter, personal trainer, gym, travel, car rental, etc.




- Utilities cancellation

- Termination of the lease

- Bank account closure

- Insurance policy cancellation